The 2020 Heat Competition will take place from the 9th to the 12th of March

Culinary Colleges Competition

So How Do You Qualify For Heat

Our esteemed judging panel will choose the best menus and you will be notified if you are shortlisted to take part in a qualifying heat for HEAT. If you are shortlisted you will be required to cook for Craft Guild of Chefs judge(s) at your college. If you are chosen as one of the finalists, you will go on to compete in the HEAT 2020 final in Jersey hosted by Highlands College.

Where will qualifying take place?

Qualifying heats for HEAT will take place at your college during 2019. The main event will take place in Jersey.

When is the main competition event?

March 9th to the 13th inclusive. For planning purposes teams will need to arrive on the island by lunchtime on the 9th March, with the final element of the competition happening on the evening of the 12th March. 

Who should be on the team?

You team must be led by an accomplished well-known chef.

Your team must be composed of 11 people:

Kitchen: Chef lecturer, commis chefs x 4 full time students – age 16/19 (up to and including level 3). Restaurant: Food and Beverage Lecturer.

Food and Beverage trainees x 4 full time students (up to and including level 3).

Which chefs have led the college teams previously?

Previous chefs from Michelin starred restaurants have included Mark Jordan, Frances Atkins and Lee Smith. 

What does our lead/head chef have to do?

They must create the menu in collaboration with your college team. Their time commitments should be taken into account as a number of practice sessions are highly recommended. They must cook at the qualifying heat event and must join you in Jersey From March 2nd-6th.

Culinary Colleges Competition

The Competition Rules

Both the kitchen and front of house will be judged as part of this competition.

The Kitchen will produce a four-course set menu consisting of:
• Amuse-bouche: Vegan
• A “local” starter: A starter of your choice to show case your local region
• Main course: Surf and Turf, incorporating Shellfish and Pork
• Tart: Your take on a classical Tart

The Front of house will provide a restaurant service for 40 covers.
• The budget is £12 per person.

Please note that you may have guests with dietary requirements that will need consideration on the night and therefore you may need to plan accordingly when ordering your ingredients.

Please see below for the time allocations that need to be adhered to, depending on whether it is a lunch service or a dinner service.


Lunch Service

Kitchen Timings

8.30am prep and set up

9.00am start 

12.30pm service begins

3.00pm vacate the kitchen leaving it as you found it

Restaurant Timings

9.30am prep and set up

10.00am start

12.30pm service begins

3.30pm vacate the restaurant leaving it as you found it


Dinner Service

Kitchen Timings

3.00pm prep and set up

3.30pm start

7.00pm service begins

9.30pm vacate the kitchen leaving it as you found it

Restaurant Timings

4.00pm prep and set up

4.30pm start

7.00pm service begins

10.00pm vacate the restaurant leaving it as you found it

What Our Students Say


Heat is a completely  unique  in the competition calendar it really stretches both the Students and the Lecturers and makes them think not only about competition work but also the commercial aspect of running a restaurant.  The trip to the final at Highlands college and the whole Jersey experience has changed many of these students lives going forward and motivated them beyond belief .  Heat is one of very few cook and serve competitions and I don’t know any that engage teams of ten that include lecturers and high profile chefs from industry working along side the students all competing as one team.

Stephen Scuffell

Chair of Vice-Presidents, Craft Guild of Chefs

Heat is an amazing opportunity for any college and more importantly the students to get involved with, as it gives a unique insight to the fabulous island of Jersey and what it offers in terms of quality and sustainable food.

For any college to have the chance to spend four days and deliver a dining experience to 50 guests is so special and rewarding

Andrew Bennett MBE

Craft Guild of Chefs

The HEAT Culinary Competition provides participating UK students with a fantastic opportunity to experience the wonderful island of Jersey, both as a tourist and foodie destination with all the amazing commodities on offer, and also as a potential career option. The HEAT Competition also provides excellent networking opportunities between the Jersey and UK trainees. Since it’s inception, a total of 80 students have reaped the benefits of this fantastic culinary and cultural experience.

Sue Kenyon

Professional Association for Catering Education

This competition is an excellent way for young aspiring hospitality workers to hone their skills. Not only does it give them an insight into what it is truly like to work with high-calibre chefs, but it shows them that if they work hard enough, they will reap high rewards. Given the industry’s skills shortage, it is crucial that chefs and front of house figureheads lead the next generation to nurture the UK’s culinary scene. It’s great to see Jersey in the spotlight, as it has long been an understated destination for food enthusiasts and it has so much to offer – from great produce to brilliant restaurants. Roll on Heat 2020!

Tanwen Dawn-Hiscox

The Staff Canteen
Do You Have What It Takes?

Apply Now

The Rules

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

The process for choosing the college is each college will be expected to submit your application form, confirm your lead/head chef and your paper based menu by 11th October 2019

If you are shortlisted you will be required to hold a HEAT night at your before the end of the Autumn term  when you will be required to produce and serve your Heat menu for 40 guests at £12 food cost in their college.  At this dinner the Craft Guild of Chefs will then judge the meal being cooked and served. This dinner should be at zero-cost option to the college, and is a good opportunity to raise fund for your fights.

Once all the shortlisted colleges that have been shortlisted have cooked and been judged, the top three finalists who will go forward to the Jersey event will be announced by January 8th 2019.

Finalists will be given free accommodation for the duration of your stay in Jersey at St Brelade’s Bay Hotel.  Gala dinner tickets are given to you free of charge. All students will need to bring a smart outfit for the gala dinner.

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